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Key Staff

Merle Kaufmann, Cemetery Sexton

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contactfax(316) 775-4566

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Cemetery Services 

Entrances to Elmwood Cemetery are located on both Ohio Street and 12th Avenue.  The Cemtery is 34 acres and includes a mausoleum, memorial garden, Veteran's Memorial, and two avenues of flags.  There are walkway bricks, trees, shrubs, and benches that can be purchased to memorialize love ones.  To purchase those items, contact the Cemetery Sexton.

Fresh cut flowers may be placed on or adjacent to graves at anytime.  Cemetery staff provide lawn care and maintenance throughout the facility and remove flowers once they have wilted.  Artificial flowers may be placed on or adjacent to graves November 1st to March 1st and the three days prior to and ten days following Memorial Day.  March 1st to November 1st is growing season is mowing season and any grave left unattended for thirty days will be maintained to cemetery specifications.

At other times, artificial flowers may be placed on and adjacent to graves in placed in an approved permanent floral display container.  No glass object of any nature shall be placed on graves at any time.  The sexton is authorized to remove and dispose of any wilted cut flowers and any artificial flowers that have become broken or faded in order to prevent littering of the cemetery grounds.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: What are the rule and regulations for decorations?

A:  Elmwood Cemetery rules and regulations are established in City Code, Chapter 12, Article 5.  This article was updated in December 2016 after lengthy review by the City Council's appointed Cemetery Regulations Review Committee.  The most updated regulations are outlined in Ordinance No. 2108.  This informational brochure also summarizes the primary regulations pertaining to decorations in Elmwood Cemetery.


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